Top 6 Smoothies Made From Papaya That Offers a Range of Health Benefits

Smoothies are one of my favorites and this time I bring to you a range of smoothies that makes use of the immensely healthy fruit, Papaya. Papayas contain some very essential nutrients including Vitamin C and have a range of health benefits like lowering cholesterol levels, weight loss, improving immunity and protects against arthritis.

These smoothies  takes deliciousness to a whole new level and you would definitely be reminded of a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches. Let me know of your favorite papaya smoothie in the comments section.

1. Papaya Smoothie with Ginger Mint

This smoothie from Popsugar is one of the most unique one in this list and also contains fresh mint, yogurt ginger honey and lemon. This one is great for digestion and you must have it if you are feeling bloated and low on energy.

Papaya smoothie with Giner Mint

2. Papaya Smoothie with Banana & Pineapple

This smoothie comes from Vanessa over at Vegan Family Recipes. Although Vanessa is not a very big fan of Papayas herself she has done an excellent work by making a smoothie that is healthy and boosts in digestion. This smoothie combines papaya with pineapple banana, ginger and lime juice and looks very soothing to the eyes.

Papaya smoothie with banana and pineapple

3. Refreshing & Easy Papaya Smoothie

If you are one of those who can hardly take out time to cook for yourself then this easy-to-make smoothie would be ideal for you. This recipe created by Lolli over at Food Fun Family uses papaya with orange juice, lime and vanilla yogurt. This smoothie is equally refreshing as well.

Refreshingly Easy papaya smoothie

4. Papaya Smoothie with Mango

This smoothie recipe shared by Lindsay from Pinch of Yum combines papaya with mango, orange, coconut milk and honey. Lindsay is a huge fan of papaya and uses it in various cuisines which ultimately turn out to be extremely yum and this one is no different either.

Papaya Mango Smoothie

5. Sunrise Papaya Smoothie

This smoothie mixes papaya with carrots , rolled oats raspberries almond milk and orange and according to the creator at VeguKate makes your skin glow with all its vitamin contents. You can’t help but love the color of this smoothie.

Sunrise Papaya Smoothie

6. Papaya & Lime Smoothie

This sugar and dairy free smoothie from Fuss Free Cooking is a big hit with the Fat Burn Chef smoothie community. This smoothie is very popular in Taiwan and all you need to do is mix papaya with lime rind and soy milk and top it with chia seeds to add the finishing touch.

Papaya and Lime Smoothie