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Breakfast Keto Smoothie Recipes: 9 Low Carb Keto Smoothie Recipes

These nine smoothies are fruity and milky – and they’re keto! Who doesn’t love smoothies?  They’re freakin delicious and super easy to whip up in your Vitamis.  And it gets even better when they’re keto-fied. But you may wonder how that’s going to be possible given that fruits are practically known for carbs – which is not quite our keto’s friend. Guess what, smoothies are no longer just refreshingly sweet drinks blended using only fruits and veggies.  After all, they have become a staple for health nuts nowadays. Smoothies can be another form of meal which can lock in...

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Our Favorite Papaya Smoothies That You Must Try

Top 6 Smoothies Made From Papaya That Offers a Range of Health Benefits Smoothies are one of my favorites and this time I bring to you a range of smoothies that makes use of the immensely healthy fruit, Papaya. Papayas contain some very essential nutrients including Vitamin C and have a range of health benefits like lowering cholesterol levels, weight loss, improving immunity and protects against arthritis. These smoothies  takes deliciousness to a whole new level and you would definitely be reminded of a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches. Let me know of your favorite papaya smoothie in the...

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9 Healthy Glutenfree Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and all of you are busy making choices for the dishes you want to prepare for your loved ones. And just because you plan on making gluten-free dishes it does not mean that they need to be boring. In this post, I have listed down 7 of the best gluten-free recipes that you can prepare for Thanksgiving. I have found them from all over the internet including some from Pinterest. If you want to go in detail about each recipe then you can click on the link given below each image. 1. Gluten-Free...

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